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Massage Therapy

Ruth Eaddy, LMT

Ruth Eaddy, LMT

Ruth has been a LMT and Nationally Certified since 2007. Her areas of concentration has been in Pain Management working with Veterans since 2008.

The majority of clients over the years have sought my help to improve challenges with chronic and acute pain stemming from car accidents, work related injuries, or relief for muscles affected by conditions such as Sciatica, Arthritic conditions, Fibromyalgia, Back, Neck, and Shoulder Pain, Gout and Migraine headaches from Sinuses.

I have enjoyed teaching my clients the importance of investing in themselves in order to maximize their productivity and enhance their quality of life.

I consider myself a partner with each of my clients in achieving and maintaining their desired health goals. Simply put...we function at our BEST, when we FEEL our BEST and YOU deserve to be the best YOU!

I look forward to becoming apart of your journey soon!


We are currently seeking an additional qualified Massage Therapist!